Great Car Rear Spoilers Review

November 19th, 2009, 10:45 pm| Posted in 不想分类

Owning a car is very common now. The brand of my car is BMW. According to my experience, my car is very good. And I like travelling by driving my car. But there was an incident last week and it did a harm to my car. I will tell the story below:

Alex who lived near my house was one of my best friends. He said that he was so busy that he just had no time to look after his little son. And he asked me if I could help him. As I was not very busy these days and his son was really very lovely, I said that there was no problem. This iboy was not very exciting in my house. But It seemed that he was fond of cars. In order to make him happy, I directed him to my car. After that I went to the kitchen and prepared for the supper.

I was really very upset when I came back because he carved some lines on the rear of my car! But he was only a little boy, I did not scold him for that.
So I have to find some rear spoilers for help now. But where can I get the help? Never do I try it before. Jay,who is a car repairman , says that is a good choice for me. I trust him because he is professional in that.

If you have the same problem with me,you may just follow Jay `s advcie!

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