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Over the past year, WordPress has become the top blogging platform in the world, and many major internet companies (such as CNN, Yahoo, Sony, The New York Times, People Magazine, and eBay) have taken notice.  At the same time, many bloggers are using a number of techniques to make significant income with their WordPress blogs.   Are you getting the most out of your WordPress installation?

在过去的一年,已成为WordPress的顶端博客平台在世界上,许多重大的互联网公司(如CNN ,雅虎,索尼公司,纽约时报,人物杂志,易趣)已经采取通知。快速浏览周围许多这些公司的网站查看WordPress的装置被用来管理部分,他们的网站。与此同时,许多Blogger使用了一些技术取得重大的收入与他们的WordPress的博客。您是否获得了最出你的WordPress的安装?

如果您打算创建一个博客,或者刚刚创建一个,成功与WordPress的是必须有:您可以节省大量的时间,而安装WordPress的,您的博客的博客将被西区优化自其第一天(这意味着更快指数在谷歌和其他搜索引擎) ,你就会有最好的意见,开始赚钱博客。

If you plan to create a blog, or just created one, Success with WordPress is a must have: You’ll save a lot of time while installing WordPress, your blog blog will be SEO-optimized since its first days (which means a quicker indexation in Google and other search engines), and you’ll have the best advice to start making money blogging.

If you already got an etablished blog, or consider yourself as a WordPress advanced user, I’m pretty sure you’ll also find tips that will make your blogger life easier.  Success with WordPress also covers WordPress SEO and blog monetization: Kyle, who earn 2000$ + with his blogs every month, provide great tips and techniques to increase your Adsense earnings, manage your affiliate links and a lot more. Since I read that tips and applied it on my blogs, my adsense earning increased up to 30%!

A list of the topics covered in this eBook include:

  1. A Beginner’s Guide to WordPress
    • Installing WordPress via Fantastico
    • Finding a WordPress Friendly Webhost
    • WordPress Post-Install Checklist
    • Creating a WordPress Sitemap
    • Creating a Robots.txt File
    • Using Google Webmaster Tools
  2. Building a Multi-Author WordPress Blog
    • Setting Up Author Permissions
    • Adding Author Information To Your WordPress Blog
    • Building an Author Page
  3. Using WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS)
    • How do I build my CMS?
    • Should I use a Content Management System?
    • Building a WordPress Forum
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips designed specifically for WordPress
    • WordPress Permalink Structure
    • WordPress Post Slug
    • Using the Post Meta Title
    • Using Images + Alt Tags
    • Emphasize Keywords
    • Using Anchor Text
    • Making Your Post Dates Stand Out
    • Standardizing your Backlinks
    • Using Breadcrumbs On Your Blog
    • Controlling Link Juice
  5. Building a Niche Blog with WordPress
    • What is a Niche Blog?
    • Niche Blogging Strategy
    • How to Locate a Niche?
    • How to find a niche domain?
    • Finding a WordPress Niche Theme?
    • Completing Your WordPress Niche Blog

The other topics covered in great detail in the Success with WordPress eBook include how to maximize CPC Income with Google AdSense and also a number of advanced Affiliate Marketing techniques designed specifically for WordPress users.

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