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The new way to buy and sell text links, LinkAdage-Text Links Center for Webmasters. During 2003, LinkAdage™ was developed by founder John Lessnau with the core idea of creating an open marketplace for Text Link Advertising. The LinkAdage goal was to stop rampant Text Link Advertising price gouging by allowing webmasters to buy and sell text link ads direct.

For Advertisers: Are you looking to increase your search engine rankings and link popularity? Using Links Direct to buy text links will help you achieve these goals. Most search engines, including Google, use link popularity as a primary factor in determining rankings. We make buying text links simple by by giving you instant access to our database of thousands of web pages where you buy text links at low rates. Select from a wide variety of web pages in 60 categories. As a text link Advertiser, you will be able to purchase text links from our network of web site publishers. The cost per text link varies since our publishers can set the prices they want to charge for their text links. You will have the ability to browse our text link inventory and select the text links you would like to purchase on a monthly basis. Create a Advertiser account.

For Publishers: LinkAdage allows web site owners to generate revenue by selling text links on their web pages to make money. You can monetize every page on your web site that is indexed by Google, not just high PageRank pages,(No PR Request)! You set your own pricing for your web pages and we offer the ability to your web pages to our inventory database quickly and easily. You may sell text links on any web pages, even if you already have other text link ads or contextually served ads such as Google Adwords and Overture (Yahoo Search Marketing) ads. This allows you to maximize the revenue generated by your web site. Create a Publisher account .

Our Publisher service will allow you to generate revenue from your web pages quickly and easily. Our service is simple:

  1. Register for an account.
  2. Add your website information, including the price you want to charge for each text link.
  3. Insert our ad code on your website. Your web site must use PHP, ASP or Perl.
  4. Our database of advertisers will search our inventory and when they select your web pages, you generate revenue.

How much money I be mkae delude on my pages?
The monthly evaluate you are paying depends on the prices you ordered for your scheme pages. You obtain 50% of the prices you ordered for your scheme pages, Like the text link ads and BackLinks . In addition, yu are paying per book unification and you end how some book course you poverty to delude on a scheme page. For example, if you hit a calibre scheme tender and you end you poverty to delude book course on it for $10 per period apiece and you delude 15 book links, the amount income would be $150 per period and you would obtain $75 per month.

How module I be paid?
You module be paying via PayPal to the paypal telecommunicate you hit traded on your account. Paid on 1th monthly!

Register for a Publisher account or Advertiser account today!

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